Into the north

Les Mauvais Garçons  ✕  James Bay Tourism Board
Producer, Director, DOP

Into The North was our first 100% true Northand production. Travelling up to Northern Québec, 6 adventurers who did not know each other have 2 weeks to explore the James Bay region. Northern lights, sunrise hike, bridge jumping: we live at the pace of their experiences, trough their feelings, right next to them. We also learn about traditional First Nations teachings from the elders & we got a far greater understanding of the Cree People. It also redefined for us the meaning of “mosquitos” & the enlightenment of the spiritual journey one must follow when dealing with 2 flat tires at the same time.

We literally faced the 4 seasons within just a couple of hours while fishing to feed the crew. Kinda fun no?

Kudos to Oli Chapo, loyal cameraman, who stepped up his resilience game during this adventure.

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