Surf Inc.

OuiSurf  ✕  Banque Nationale

After our first date in Hawaii back in 2010, none would have predict a bright futur for our relationship. Benjamin Rochette (OuiSurf) and I grew a lot trough our collaborations both driven by our desire to document real stories and to follow our passions. Our friendship lead us to numerous projects such as Surf Inc.; documenting the reality of a bunch of Quebec entrepreneurs who wished to create a way of living that would also allow them to incorporate surfing into their daily life style.

Walking distance to the surf. That was Mylene Bergeron’s criteria to establish her family in El Zonte, El Salvador.

Raw Gem; A rare place where I can still surf alone most of the morning.

Hugo Lavictoire lives off the grid 6 months a year on an island in the middle of the St‑Lawrence river in Montreal. He definitely found a balance that he tries to pass on to his kids.

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